Wits University Graduate Scholarship

Wits University Graduate Scholarship

Wits University Graduate Scholarship in South Africa (Fully Funded)

Deadline: July 31, 2019

Wits University is pleased to announce the availability of fourteen fully funded Postgraduate Bursaries in different fields.

The bilateral Wits-TUB Urban Lab programme supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) seeks to improve graduate education in urban fields across subSaharan Africa.

The lead partners, the Habitat Unit at Technische Universität Berlin, and the School of Architecture and Planning at Wits University in Johannesburg, collaborate in the offering of an urban-oriented graduate and postgraduate training and capacity building programme at Wits University that seeks to effectively address the challenges and needs outlined above.

The scholarship programme focuses on four innovation areas which address SDG implementation in urban areas:

  • Politics and policy of the urban
  • Understanding complex urban systems
  • Managing change processes
  • Co-producing knowledge between theory and practice.


The masters scholarship covers the duration of one academic year. Successful candidates will be expected to sign a contract
stipulating the conditions of the scholarship.
The scholarship includes:
• Full tuition fee
• Monthly stipend (living expenses including: subsistence expences, accommodation, other costs)
• Travel from home country/ place of origin.
The scholarship programme includes a joint TU Berlin-Wits summer school week in Johannesburg in which students from TU Berlin will join the cohort at Wits University.


Applicants must meet the following area for these bursaries:

  •  South African and Sub-Saharan African applicants are eligible for these bursaries.
  • These bursaries are available to pursue a master degree.
  • Applicants must possess the requisite qualifications to be granted the program. There is no age limit applying for study purposes. However, at the time of the application, no more than 6 years should have passed since an applicant graduated from his/her previous bachelor or master studies. All applicants must have applied for admission to the relevant degree (as per above list) at Wits University and be in possession of a ‘person number’ which is issued upon application for admission.


Supported Programs:

  • MSc Development Planning (MSc DP)
  • Master of Urban Studies in the field of Sustainable Energy Efficient Cities – MUS (SEEC)
  • Master of Urban Studies in the field of Housing and Human Settlements – MUS (HHS)
  • Master of Urban Studies in the field of Urban Politics and Governance – MUS (UPG)
  • Master of Urban Studies in the field of Urban Management – MUS (UM)

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